Clothing structure

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In short, the Chinese clothing accessories industry capacity is enormous, but due to the lack of effective integration and product innovation to enhance the role of the value of the entire garment industry chain is not obvious. PVC labels have long rely on low-cost competition and a serious lack of brand strategy, resulting in low value-added products, corporate survival difficulties pale into insignificance in the whole industry chain.
With the development of society, there is a growing pursuit of individuality clothing. The key step to make perfect garment is to draw clothing structure. Clothing structural mapping cartographic specifications, not only with clothing, But also with the choice of clothing styles, PVC labels is good. Clothing styles from the contour of the finished garments shape and placement of the internal seam construction clothing and related accessories parts of a variety of factors such as comprehensive decision.
Clothing styles comes mainly from physical samples, physical pattern, photos, magazines, pictures, design drawings. Physical samples, as long as it carried the careful observation, measurement, and can create a fully consistent with the actual samples of the finished garment. Physical pattern as long as the cutting process requirements can also produce the desired finished garment.

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