The ingredients of pvc label

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Pvc products can be seen everywhere in our life, such some commonly used some are not, such as pvc labels on clothing, shoes, hats, bags etc, pvc toys, pvc key chains, pvc phone covers etc. In most cases, it has been used as the accessories. It has been widely used in clothing shoes, hats, bags, etc where these uses are closely linked to our lives.
Pvc can be used as gifts, because they are based on the manual dispensing point to produce (some can be done through the automatic dispenser), from its production process, it can be called as the craft gifts. Silicone rubber chapter marks can also apply to some other products, such as mobile phone accessories, key rings and so on.
The difference is that different material will have different feeling when touch with hand, silicone material has a higher environmental factors, can pass EU measurement type, PVC labels have a smell doctrinal, environmental factor is not high.
PVC labels main ingredient is DNP oil, PVC powder, stabilizer, soybean oil formulated into a liquid state, using of plastic dropping process to instill liquid material in the mold, after a period of heating, baking and cooling. Finally pour molded plastic products. They have one character in common is that they are soft material, bright colors, washing does not fade, widely used in the clothing, bags, gloves, shoes and hats trademarks as well as toys, key chains and some house wear and so on.

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