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Has the experience and methods on previous year of silicone wristbands and silicone energy bracelet pave the way for the silicone cell phone cover, this year's market may be still good, why assert it? This is mainly because the silicone cell phone cover began to rise from the second half of last year, will reach a peak this year, so the market will not go bad. That what are the directions and development of this year and next year's silicone products market such as pvc labels? We only follow the market changes.
The reason is simple, that is, large quantities of silicone rubber Chapter handicraft orders gradually become less and less, which also includes silicone wristbands and silicone pvc labels, fortunately last year silicone cell phone cover slowly selling up, this is undoubtedly inject new vitality into the silicone products market, or else the silicone products market last year will be bleak.
The pvc products are very hot in the past few years, like pvc labels, pvc key chains, pvc toys etc; one reason is that at that time large quantities of silicone wristbands and energy silicone bracelet are in the production. But last year's silicone products industry, relatively speaking was not good than before.

manufacturers should take drying properties into consideration; the printing ink composition must meet the following two conflicting requirements: First, in the printing process or a brief shutdown, the ink on the ink roller should not dry; second, once the printing is completed, the inks on printing stock need to be fast drying and fixation. The drying process of printed labels including all the process after transferring printing ink, in these processes, ink curing is the first condition of post-press finishing, but also the premise to the daily use of printed products.

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