1.Barcode Printing technology 
      With well-educated technician, professional label designer and high-class barcode system, we can design label patterns accroding to customer requests, then make corresponding database and print out with special printers by ourselves. Customer provided pattern and data in TXT, DBF, DAT or EXCEL file is also available. We can convert to required format and print out very easily. 
      We are equiped with most advanced barcode printing machine, which apply to different specs of barcode label, hangtag, barcode ticket, price label, sticker, washable label etc, support both separate and continuous printing. Our monthly capacity in this field is around 3 Million pieces. 
3. Inspection and quality guarantee 
      We only use most professional carbonic tape and supplies to ensure best quality in printing: clear-cut, legible, not easy to be brushed off; equiped with advanced and reliable barcode scanner, we can check quality any time during whole printing process, making sure every piece of barcode label can be scanned and recognized successfully. 

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