The in-depth understanding of sticker labels

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In our daily life, we will often come into contact with the sticker labels or sticker paper, but the understanding of these products is not enough. Today, we will make a brief introduction about how to correctly use sticker labels?
1. a lot of people are used to pull down from the corners of the labels, this is the unproved approach, and it will destroy the surface fibers which will weaken adhesiveness. The correct approach is to peel off the interleaving paper from the middle and the posted results will be more flat.
2. When applied the sticker labels on recycled paper surface, often such a problem will appear: self-adhesive sticky will not work, this is because the recycled paper in the production process was polluted by silicon or wax.
3. The application of sticker labels become more and more widely, while the quality of sticker labels are jagged. Before use, it is necessary to test the adhesives belong stickers, some the viscosity of the adhesive itself is transient viscosity under the exposure conditions, but it will be persistent, which the user will cause great trouble; even more serious is that may cause pollution.
4.It’s best to use the sticker labels at room temperature, if the temperature is too low will reduce the speed of the adhesive, before the sticker labels cement the surface, the label might have been peeled off. 
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