Highest Quality Printing Hangtags

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Hangtag printing is frequently used by retailers in order to help provide additional information on specific merchandise or to include retail branding. They are typically found on clothing; however, hangtag printing is also used for marketing additional items in the retail environment. Full color hangtags grab the attention of your customers while they are browsing for similar items on your racks or shelves.

As a professional manufacturer with extensive industry and design experience, Sinicline has the capability to offer a vast range of hangtags to clients. Those hangtags are available in a variety of colors, sizes, designs and patterns as per the prevailing industrial standards catering to clients’ requirements. An old saying goes, “good horse out of the saddle”, your products are no exception. We are confident to manufacture delicate and exquisite hangtags to fit into your products and help in image enhancement of the brand.

We understand what quality printing of hangtags is and pride ourselves on our work. Sinicline is known as a top-tier producer of offset and digital printing. We use premium, extra heavy, earth friendly papers as the stock for our basic digital printing, not as an up-sell. We use soy based inks in offset and top of the line equipment. Our emphasis is on the highest quality printing possible.

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