Hangtags: Raising Brand Awareness

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Hangtags attached to garments, cases, shoes, etc, provide your garment or product to be exposed to powerful advertising. Outstanding hangtags not only carry relevant information about the product, but also enhance brand recognition. Sinicline ensures that you have the correct identity to build your brand and market by applying our hangtags.

Our hangtags are made of recycled paper, cardboard, kraft paper and holand paper and will be customized due to your requirement. In addition, we have string available to choose from on a sample card. A high quality hangtag will make your product stand out from the rest. These hangtags serve as your calling card and raise brand awareness.

We have several processes that we use to make hangtags, including: four color print, spot print design, classic emboss, heat sealed, laser engraved, screen print, micro injected, and spot UV printed. Your requirements of customized hangtags decide which kind of techniques will be taken. Our hangtags are available in various colors, designs, shapes and sizes. Your artwork and rough sketches are acceptable, and we will try our utmost to bring them to fruition.

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