The attactively designed hangtags

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Attractively designed hangtags are an opportunity to extend marketing and branding efforts while displaying price, size, and other important product information. The use of hang tags shows that a company is detail-orientated with a strong visual impact that increases the perceived value of the product.

To get the most out of your hangtags, use the highest quality photography or artwork possible. Hang tags are a direct reflection of your brand; using high quality images will highlight your professional touch. The hangtags from our company sinicline are all made of excellent cardboard paper which can be classified into white cardboard, black cardboard, coated paper.

The price of hangtags are very competitive compared with other manufacturers. There are some reasons can be trace to,. Firstly , we are factory directly without the middlemen raising the prices. Secondly, we have modern equipment machines to boost the productivity for hangtags. In view of all these factors so we can quote our valuable customer a competitive price.

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