Hangtags: Letting Your Imagination Run Wild

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Hangtags are as unique as your company. We’ve manufactured tags made from every type of paper imaginable and some unimaginable. Let your imagination run wild and let us bring your dreams to reality.

We use the pantone matching system (PMS) to print any color you can dream of. We are able to match your art to create or reinforce the brand identity you have established for your product. Our only color limitation is your imagination! We can print up to six colors on single hangtags. You name the size, shape or dimension. We can make it. Special finishing is also available, whether it is die cutting, drilling or stringing. PCB can help. We can print on just about any kind of paper stock you can imagine. Our hangtags can be supplied as cut singles or in rolls.

We are able to set up and turnaround orders quickly. Once your artwork is completed and approved, our large capacity printing plant is able to complete your job in approximately 7 to 10 workdays. We usually produce smaller orders a little quicker and may require some extra time for very large orders. In every case, our advanced quality control systems mean that you will receive high quality hangtags quickly and accurately. Our minimum quantity for hangtags is 5,000 with no maximum.

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