It’s time to consider the actual needs of consumers

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The biggest advantage of fabric labels is that can print fine LOGO pattern, can be washed, the apparel industry needed fabric labels most, there are the main labels, care labels, ingredient labels, size labels; followed by plush toys, bedding, these are home textiles and other products needs wash, it is generally adopt fabric labels.
Everyone needs clothing, the share is very big, and the market demand is far from saturated. Domestic apparel market is still at an immature stage, is still insufficient in fashion, personality, aesthetics, etc., is to allow garment accessories products such as fabric labels highlight the of corporate temperament and corporate culture at the same time, taking considerations of the style and comfort, so that people really willing to wear and happy to wear.
With the development of the market continued to enlarge, garment accessories companies need to consider the actual needs of the consumer, provide comprehensive service for the development of the garment industry. Printed labels and fabric labels are new materials in modern clothing design. They are already associated with clothing fashion, because of its role; it has become the important component in the garment industry. Therefore, well made printed labels and fabric labels is not only a fashionable factors, but also the image and the means to promote the goods and brand building for the merchants.
>If using barcode label technology, simply swept with a scanner, you can quickly and accurately record numbers, and stored into the computer. Not only can the staff, even we can just click the mouse to master the use of tap water.
Barcode technology is ubiquitous in everywhere, maybe it has come to your doorstep now, and this is not "alarmist". As early as few months ago, the water company claimed that: Stainless steel file number hanging on water flow meter gradually exit the history stage, replaced by barcode labels file license plate. "File license plate is a water meter important identification of the settlement, but also the important basis for staff to confirm the epitome. In the past, the installation of hanging file license plate is very cumbersome, easily lost, high cost of production; there will be an error with the naked eye. 

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