Are you a plaid lover?

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For men who act in a more low-key, plaid perhaps too provocative, they still love deep solid color suit. Single color, however, has never been able to avoid the tedious accusations. How to inject a little clever solid to pure color suit? Plaid suit is a good choice, of course it should attach with plaid fabric label, a distance perhaps no clues, but a close look of restrained color plaid will be found the suit changes in the full sense.
In order to add more sense of drama of the suit, can overlay the fabric labels of the plaid, Simply select the different check style, contrast to the base color , a shirt and a set of suits, the combination of the two and the crashed out effect will make you very satisfied.
Delicate plaid is a forever classic elements of the mix and match fashion, 2012 autumn and winter menswear, joint this classic into neat suit make it with business demeanor. Neat tailored suits, plaid suit, plaid trousers or plaid fabric labels match blue shirt will give people the feeling of low-key and black tie, black matte pointed shoes and brown leather gloves, Deduce exquisite fashion business sense. Plaid and stripes can produce visual differences, if the body is not good, single color tone will be better.

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