We can design superb fabric labels

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First of all, if the customer does not provide a standard design of the fabric labels, the factory need to design by themselves, it is going to cost at least 1-2 days. Then, if the pattern and material is fixed, next are material arrangements and procurement processes will also took 1-2 days. The remaining fabric labels should be packaged with good seal material, saved warehouse should be cool and ventilated, and there should no direct sunlight.
After all, customers can arrange to produce on this process depending on the amount of customer orders. In addition to that customers need to know the subject of manufacturing time, but also how to maintenance, if the purchase amount is much than the need, or store for further use, you may found that the fabric labels become yellowing or fade, that’s will have a large impact on the appearance of the cloth or even can not be used any more.
The big characteristic of the fabric labels is water-resistant, so it is widely used in many aspects, such as footwear, luggage, bedding, hats, toys etc. Everything has its own manufacturing process; today we will talk something about the manufacturing core processes and storage details of fabric labels.

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