Belt Hangers Saved Her Life

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The new announcement, in the afternoon of January 28, 2013 (Reporter correspondent Wang Xu Hang Korea have Zhangzhou). In a rental room at Jiangdong street inYiwu, breathtaking scene occurred --- a girl accidentally falling down from the ledge of the fourth floor corridor. Fortunately she was blocked by belt hangers , lower limbs land on the ground first. After a medical examination, the little girl’s double heel bone comminuted fracture, lung micro light contusion, no life-threatening.

Small static (a pseudonym), 11-year-old from Sichuan, studied a Migrant School in Yiwu. Two days ago, just finished final exams. The day before yesterday afternoon, she was back home after playing outside, because of worry on the toilet, she went to the fourth floor of the Public toilet urinate.

"I asked daughter, she did not know how to fall." At that time, her mother is on the third floor doing housework, when hear the landlord's shouting, she quickly stuck her head through the window, found her daughter was lying on the ground outside the building, her feet was unable to move.

"Fortunately, feet landed first, there is no injury to the head, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous." According to her mother’s introduces, she was blocked by the belt hangers on the second floor and landed on a pile of sand.

Yesterday afternoon, reporters came over to see her in Hospital, she was lying on the bed with badly swollen feet, she is receiving the drug swelling treatment. According to her doctor, now she was mainly acceppted detumescence, rehydration and symptomatic treatment now, giving the feet calcaneal fractures with open reduction and internal fixation, postoperative need 2 to 3 months to before walking.

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