Metal Labels Will Go On

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Metal products are used in the various areas of modern society, widely used field are electronic products, household appliances, machinery and garments. The metal labels is mainly based on raw materials such as copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, pewter metal and other raw metal. After different production process, and its application is also different. Products are nameplate, badge, badges, medals, key ring, cap badge, cap clip, wallet, medals, commemorative coins, craft signs, cufflinks, photo frames, mobile phone strap, tie clips, belt, tag, bottle opener, etc. craft jewelry, and all kinds of metal labels.

A metal label also known as a metal nameplate or placard is an excellent choice in nearly all environments and applications due to its durable and versatile characteristics. Metal labels convey messages anywhere from promoting your company brand to communicating critical product information, such as serial numbers, safety/warning or 2D barcode information. Due to the increased durability and resistance characteristics provided by metal labels, uses are nearly limitless. The most popular industries and applications for these graphic markings, such as military nameplates, aerospace nameplates, aviation nameplates, marine environments, industrial environments, etc.

The reason why metal labels can be extensively adopted and paramount to other labels in so many areas lies in abrasion resistance, anti-corrosion, durability and longer functional life. Moreover, those with rich experience, innovative designers, advanced production facilities and skilled management are capable to provide a series of labeling solutions for customers’ needs. Grand modern in-house Skill for designing, Drawing Lab & photography, plate making, die making, anodizing, etching, metal finishing, etching, embossing, cutting, dyeing, printing, stamping and fabricating and placed in centrally located position make customers’ rough sketches and design philosophy a reality. Furthermore, reputable and reliable label suppliers will meet and exceeding continually improve customer's satisfaction; it will forever go on in the many fields as the time pass by,

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