Barcode Labels Sweep the World

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On June 26, 1974, all the tests were done, all the proposals were complete, all the standards were set, and at a Marsh supermarket in Troy, Ohio, a single pack of chewing gum became the first retail product sold with the help of a scanner. This marks the first global retail barcode labels scanning success. At that time, few people can foresee, barcode labels application will affect retail industry and other vertical industry business model. A pack of fruity gum become the first good that has accepted barcode scanning.

Today, the bar code and automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technology play an important role on a global scale. Although the development of science and technology is rapidly changing, barcode application is more extensive. In fact, on a global scale, the number of daily scan barcodes is more than 10 million times, applications are more than 25 industries, including consumer goods, apparel, hardware, food service, health care, logistics, government and high-tech electronic products industries. The application of barcode labels can help consumers, retailers and manufacturers to reduce costs and improve production efficiency.

Take the inventory of supermarket for example, it is an important means of data collection, as well as an essential work. In the past, must suspend business for manual inventory, during which the impact on the company's image is incalculable. Until now some supermarkets still use non-business hours, requiring employees to work overtime to count, this is just small supermarkets’ management model, not suitable for long-term use, and the inventory cycle is long and low efficiency. As a representative of the worldwide large supermarket, its inventory needs to perfect.

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