The Style of Belts Is Changing with Different Belt Hangers

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Thebelt hangers hook two styles with the belts: one kind is hasp type, Another kind is socket type. Hasp type belt should be matched with formal suit pants or shirt collocation, Socket type should be with the leisure collocation dark suit, also can be with black belt, light trousers, can match brown belt. strap weaving belt is jeans good collocation, canvas belt for casual wear, with cotton pants best. The pattern of the high-grade belt buckle try to choose a dignified and elegant, since it is refined, mature and self-cultivation. Big belt buckle with the animal pattern revealed, not very well in the grand occasion.

To be appropriate to the size of thebelt hangers on the high-end belt buckle: best to select the size of the belt buckle and the size of the personal stature and pants trip, short man accompanied by a generous type flat belt buckle, showing off the highlights of belly, appear fluctuation split, uncouth feeling, the tall, lanky man with a small ring belt buckle, will look not solemn enough, thin spare.

The belt hangers on the belt tends to changing, largely caused by the hook. Hook shape, size also show a man's charm. Pure golden hook buckle, usually linked with the noble class word; brass hooks, gives a taste of men's masculinity and strength; wide "back"-shaped buckle, fully revealing the man's fortitude; the oval buckle shows men’s mature; square represents man's taste.

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