The Common Types of Sticker Labels

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The sticker labels often play the role of the show and beautiful, people can understand the information they are interested in the label, now introduce the common types of sticker labels.

1. Mirror coated papers
Such sticker labels use an advanced multi-color product labels. This kind of labels commonly used in drugs, food, electrical appliances, supplies and other items.

2. Matte papers, offset papers
Such sticker labels use more of the purposes. Usually applied to high-speed laser printing, inkjet printing, labels or bar code labels.

3. Fragile stickers
The main function is anti-counterfeiting and warranty, this type of sticker after shredding is no longer available. Usually applied to security appliances, medicines and other goods.

4. Polyethylene labels
Observed shape relatively transparent fabrics and bright, milky white color.

5. Thermal paper
Easily to see ont the commodity prices, a much wider application.

6. Pvc shrink film
Commonly used in batteries of all kinds of electrical appliances or machines .

7. Coated paper
Applied to the multi-color product labels. Commonly used in food, medicine, electrical information labels.

8 Laser film
Is a high-end information labels, used for cultural goods, high-end multi-colored decorations.

9. Aluminum foil
Suchsticker labels are used for multi-color product labels. The high-end information label is usually applied to the class of medicines, food, and culture supplies products.

10. Polypropylene
Such sticker labels’ surface are transparent, presetn the silver, and gold, ivory, dumb light milky white, etc. The performance of them are used in important product labels for resistance to water, oil and chemicals, Daily used in bath room supplies, electronics, machinery and other products information label.

11. Thermal transfer paper
Performance is to resist the high temperature environment. Typically used in microwave ovens and other products.

12. Removable sticker
The fabrics are usually coated paper, mirror paper, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.. Because such sticker leav no traces after tearing down , usually used in tableware, fruit labels.

13. Chemical synthetic paper
Such sticker labels, water-resistant, oil resistant, typically used in high-end products and environmentally friendly supplies information labels.

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