A Classification of the Barcode Labels and Application Area

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The type of barcode labels and application range:
Packaging: marks labels, postal parcels and letters packaging, transporting goods label, envelopes, address labels.
Appliances: internal phone labels, various electrical labels, laptop labels, mechanical and electrical products labels.
Commodities: the price tags, product description labels, shelf labels, barcode labels, pharmaceutical labels.
Management: books labels, vehicle inspection labels, security labels, property labels.
Office: file documents labels, file save labels, various items and stationery labels.
Production: raw material labels, processing product labels, product labels, inventory management labels.
Chemical: paint material labels, the gasoline oil products packaging labels and various special solvent labels.
Others: security labels, encryption labels, anti-theft tags.
Jewelry: jewelry tag labels, not easy to paste on the merchandise tag labels.
Clothing: clothing labels, washing labels.
Airport: boarding passes and baggage tags.
Tickets: train tickets, bus tickets.
Other: Parking tickets, highway toll tickets.

Second, the advantages of barcode labels

1. The flexibility of the layout.
2. Printable page.
3. Unique data print save function
4 .Unique printer paper inclination correction function.
5. Original checksum function.
6. Rich data source type.
7. Rich data processing methods.
8. Support as many as 10 kinds of conventional database.
9. AD hoc "China electronic supervision code" graphic object

10. The system supports PDF417, QRCode, MSQR, DataMatrix, Aztec barcode printing
11. The perfect support for printing a document in PDF format export (requires Adobe Acrobat PRO software support).
12. Convenient, flexible, professional label design.

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