Design Creative Seal Tags to Create a Brand Image

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Seals tags, strictly speaking, refers to the a part of the entire listing of the clothing, hang trademarks are made of seal tags, hangtags, certificate, comprehensively coverage of corporate and clothing brand such as the registration number of the brand, brand manufacturers, manufacturers, spokesman for the image, in addition to the Water labels can also have the image of the spokesperson, price, barcode warranty and refund conditions, a more comprehensive interpretation of clothing.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the garment industry, in order to stand out from many brands, only set the design, development, production as a whole, how to improve the brand image for ones own clothing brand? Designing creative seal tags is also a very good way. Plastic seals using advanced technology and equipment, coupled with a perfect process, to be able to adapt to the needs of all types of clothing brands.

From the texture point of view, most of the seal tags’ materials are paper, plastic, metal etc. In addition, in recent years, new hangtags are also made with a holographic anti-counterfeiting materials. From the point of view of its shape, is even more varied: there is a long strip, fold-shaped, circular, triangular, inserted the bag, as well as other special shape, really colorful and dazzling.

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