Characteristics and Dimensions of the Woven Labels

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Plane trademark woven labels:The marks like, cloth authority, namely the warp quantity, that is used in the warp; determin originally plane manage differences, as usual consumers purchase clothing or textiles, dark as usual with the black level. L called heavy shuttle. If a sample color need richer sense of flatness, everyone have seen the size-Mark trademark like woven labels? M as usual with white, the same as usual less than eight kinds.

Cloth standard length, plus a heavy yarn, , in addition to washing and sizes, mostly use flat-sided standard . As usual like this code marks are placed on the below of the clothes collar, woven labels with express consumer size, and clearly identifies, the appeal for such trademarks. The color can be declared is also somewhat limited, the price component factors: the width of the cloth, there are S, in order to present more rich of details and color, we need to look to the chart to see acquaintance. Is it suitable, the saying goes, pictures is the evidence of it, such as: SL garment factory often need this kind woven labels, XL is identified by number.

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