The Most Beautiful Diamond in the World

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It was a star of the beautiful and high-quality diamond, it is famous because of the rare pure and perfect cutting, no jewelry cards for her, but we do also value it! From the name can know it has a close relationship with the royal family and nobles treasures, and it has a mysterious dire like Hope Diamond!

This stunning diamond is found by an Indian slaves in the vicinity of the valley Kangda, it is unlike the most jewelry sold in the shop even with jewelry cards, in order to take away the diamonds, he does not hesitate to cut the thigh, hidden diamond in the flesh and fixed with bandage, reluctantly escaped the mining area.

He confided the secret to a British captain, and proposed to share the diamond with the captain, and the conditions is to help him flee from this the country, the captain promised the requirements of the slave on the surface, but on the go, the captain stole the diamond and threw it into the vast sea. Later, this expensive diamond was bought by French royal and named Regent Diamond.

In 1799, Napoleon was self-proclaimed as the First Consul, he inserted the diamond in his hand sword to fight with him . It is unknow whether is fate lane, or the power of the curse, Napoleon was defeated in the Battle of Waterloo. After the restore the monarchy, Charles X inlay the Regent Diamond on the crown.

During World War II, the Germans had to fight for the Regent Diamond, but unable get it. In 1945, this renowned most beautiful diamonds in the world returned to the Apollo Artworks gallery of the Louvre with its jewelry cards like a introduction about it but without the prize and notes for wear.

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