Leisure Suits: How to Make a Grade Collocation

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In the 1990s that advocated a casual in Internet era, "casual dress" concept puzzleda lot of people , and now the concept has the new expansion. The designers and retailers launched more styles and models, and widen the definition of this dress style ─ ─ in past, its definition is basically any male can easily create a style of dress: Put on a twill pants, a pieces Oxford shirts and leisure suits, all kinds of casualfabric labels, that is well dressed.

Now, "casual suits" or "business casual suits" concept has been extended to cowboy shirts and other casual wear, they are redesigned and transformed style for more formal occasions wearing. Some evergreen casual clothes, such as overalls, is becoming more solemn and fitting costume. No liner Casual suits have a sense of mix. Under the drive of Steve Jobs, high collar pulloverto become popular and quickly replaced the shirt and tie. Traditional West casual wear now facing competition from the clothing styles of some of the new term ─ ─ it is just the time for trying sweater jacket and shirt jacket with different kinds of fabric labels.

Tom Kalenderian is the manager of the male daily necessities boutiques in Barneys New York , he called the deformation of multi-layered aesthetic as "gentleman casual”. He summed up all sorts of changes, said today's casual dress is anoraks sets outside the West Casual, wearing five pocket twill pants and Munch shoes, thefabric labels and brands of all clothes are different.
If you feel it somewhat complex, then think about this: this more formal office casual reflect a change in the direction of the workplace dress code.

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