The Last Five Requirements of the Hangtags Contents

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1. Fiber composition and content requirements: should use standard fiber name, do not allow use common names, scientific names, foreign words, etc; if the fiber content of the different parts of the garments are different should be respectively marked, for example: Fabric, filling material, material respectively pure wool, 100% polyester, 100% viscous fiber, the correct labels for the fabric: pure wool, filling material: 100% Polyester, Lining: 100% viscous fiber. Above are the material content on hangtags.

2.Washing method requires to mark washing and ironing method of the garment, provisions said it should be followed by labeling washing, chlorine bleaching, ironing, dry cleaning, drying methods of the five major projects, to provide consumers with the right washing guidelines. Washing method should adopt standard graphic symbol,, simultaneously filling with graphic symbols corresponding text to help description. What’s more, five major wash projects should be marked on hangtags in accordance with the following provisions: water washing: should indicating whether can be water washed, as well should be marked with the wash methods(Hand washing or machine washing ). Ironing: should indicate whether can be iron or not; if can, should mark ironing methods (direct ironing, mattress ironing, steam ironing, etc.) and ironing temperature. Dry-cleaning: should indicate whether can be dry- cleaning; if can, should mark the type of the dry-cleaners. After washing dry: should be marked with after wash drying methods(hang dry, dry in the shade etc).

3. Products standard numbers required to mark clothing executive standard Numbers, express to the consumer clearly that the production and quality are made according to the standards. After taking this elements into consideration, a good hangtags has been well designed, and the last step is to hang on the finished clothes.

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