A Introduction About Common Metal Labels

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Common metal labels are flat sun labels, screen printed labels, corrosion labels, electroplating, electroforming labels, of thermal transfer labels and sandblasted labels.

1. Flat sun labels: use photoreceptor drying license manner, different colors are dissolved in the film inside, Through the developmental method show on the sheet of metal, so as to achieve the described meaning.

2. Screen printed labels: adopt resin-based ink in screen printinging the surface of the plate after a pre-treatment, and then the security light coating processes , can make all sorts of beautiful color screen printing plate.

3.Electroplating and electric cast labels: that is, people called metal labels, producted by screen printing or the photosensitive methods.

4. Corrosion labels: corrosion signs is etched signs. Mainly using the mask, etching proceeds in three steps to make convex word labels or concave word labels.

5. Sandblasted labels: Use a computer lettering method to stick the cutting good post-it note on the metal plate, engraved stickies sticky sandblasting the text graphics on the metal plate to form a sand surface effect, then adopt oxidation treatment, which make a metal labels showing a placer gold effect.

6. Thermal transfer labels: a specific panel after use the surface treatment of the metal sheet, then using ink-jet printing way switch the designed color picture to the paper, through the heating reversal to the metal plate to produce themetal labels.

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