Whether Hangtags Can be Used as Price Labels

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We go to the clothing stores to buy clothes, generally see the label price onhangtags of the garment to know the price, usually mall promotional discounts are directly based on the price labels for a discount, directly affixed up labels of mall promotions . The following is an analysis about similar events.

The clothing simply use the price hangtags, cosmetics price tags attached are irregularities in the bottom of the bottle. On New Year's Eve, the municipal department prices inspectors have found, individual stores are not placed in accordance with the regulations. The end of last month, the Municipal Price Bureau organization special group mainly investigate the existence of price collusion on the market, malicious hoarding, price gouging behaviors.

In Changhong North Road, a major shopping malls, on the first floor cosmetics counters, cosmetics assortment, but do not see the price tag and pick up the merchandise only to find the price tag attached to the bottom, above only marked price. In the third floor of the garment district, most of the clothing are not posted with the price tag, customers pulled hangtags out from the clothes to know the price, and then calculate the actual price after discounts. It is not doublt that is a waste of time to do this behavior.

The Secretary Sun Guangming said, label size must be eye-catching, not too small, the apparel price hangtags can not use as a commodity price tag, the price must go through the price department supervise. The next step will be processing the mall and rectification its promotional behavior .

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