Concepts and Types of Label Printing

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Currently, label products contents are very rich, in the past, the narrow sense thought that the label printing just stickers labels, this understanding limited the products development direction and business development of the labels. Nowadays, label printing coverage is increasing, mainly including mold labels, sticker labels, shrink labels, direct screen printed labels, RFID printed labels, smart printed labels, as well as some painted labels, notes, etc., also including a variety of new technologies.

Mold label "(In Mould Labelling, Acronym IML) refers to place the printed graphics or photographs images as trademarks directly in the plastic molding machine in the mold region during the process production , so that the labels and the container fused together to form a complete production in process of packaging container. All of Mold label machining operations can be done only in one process. Mold labels and sticker labels are the fastest growing and most effective method of the decorative plastic packaging container, create a new situation for plastic containers / bottles manufacturers and other packaging manufacturers of goods.

Thesticker labels can meet requirements of perfectly performance of the exquisite labels, but its cost is relatively higher than shrink film labels. The main application are the stickers labels. The shrinkable labels refers to use the heat shrinkable film (PVC film) packaging labels, compare to sticker labels and direct screen printing labels, it’s lower cost, but shrinking labels are easily damaged, and the overall image is not good, also not conducive to environmental protection .Joint screen printed labels use silk screen printing methods to print the design and the characters on the packaging of containerthe overall effect is good, patterns and text have nature sense, but the quality of direct screen printing is not ideal, and more difficult to reflect the delicate patterns and small text. If the color is more, direct screen printing prices are more expensive. In fact, the advantage of label printing is not only in that the increasing number types of products, and more importantly is that can realize constantly upgrade of labelling automation and high speed.

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