Three Basic Requirements for Hangtags Content

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national mandatory standard of the hangtags content was implemented in January 1, 2000 officially, this standard set that hangtags must have the following 3 basic contents:

1.The manufacturer's name and address must be clearly marked which was registered in the business sector, while imported clothing, just mark the producing address with the names and addresses of agents registered in the country at the same time.

2. Type should made according to the new size standard label of clothing, do not allowed to use the current S M, L, XL "old number alone. Be in line with the human’s practical number (height) and type (bust, waist) label; take into account of some consumers’ habits, and still allow to mark the new and old number type at the same time, but the new No. type should be the first. For example, a men's suit jacket can be marked like this 170/88A (M) on the hangtags.

3.Product names require to use national standard names, such as "men's suits"; if there is standard provisions, should not use misleading name or common name, such as " casual pants "; allow using the peculiar name, trademark name ", but the normal name should be marked in the same part.

The above are the basic requirements for hangtags, we do have discussed in 3 aspects, the first one is made to maintain the interests both for manufacturers’ and customers. The second one is going to let the customers kown the products name at the first time, the last one is made to help the customer pick the proper clothes for themselves.

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