Introduction of PVC Labels

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The entire production process of pvc labels: make bigger goods mold, spices, arrange production line (accessories), official production, inspection, packaging, shipping. Products (epoxy) process: epoxy, loaf the pan, cooling, reversing mode and trimming. Every time baking time specific theory set products

Epoxy in the mold (a variety of different color), it may be one color, which can be more than two kinds of color simultaneously, drop a color on a baking pan and bake table.

Using eye observe the baked degree of pvc, the underlying shiny deemed grilled. The general thickness of the product is used as criteria.

Pvc labels’ shrinkage is linked with cooling, under normal circumstances, is generally 1.4%.

Pvc labels work as accessories: in clothing, shoes, hats and more industry.

As gifts, arts and crafts, its range is relatively wide. Common products are keychains, small pendants, mobile phone pendants, photo frames, cups, watch bands, bar pad and even pet supplies.

The building supplies, (bracelet, collar), containing titanium bracelet and collar. Health functions is unproven.

The various plastic chapter, environmental non-toxic, without any adverse reactions for products promotion. corporate image and promote excellent promotional items.

This product has a strong three-dimensional, colorful, feel good, good visuals, good decoration and advertising effect.

The pvc labels, the thickness may be specified by the customers. Quality assurance, short time production, fast delivery, and affordable. Welcome customers call visiting.

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