Safety Use Wikipedia of Lanyards, Strap and Safe Lock

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Today I will make a detail introduction about the ways to use lanyards, strap, safe lock. Hanging plastic lanyards and the safe belts on the neck, everyone must have seen, but do you know what is used for?

Many people will have always thought that it was to take off the cell phone from plastic lanyards. But in fact, it is a security mechanism designed to prevent accidents. When the load exceeds approximately 10kg, clasps will loose. And also, it is widely used in daily life, now many people use this plastic lanyards to carry cell phone that is configured with the safety buckle, when facing suddenly snatch the phone, the plastic lanyards safety buckle will quickly loose, then we will be puzzled : this is obviously that the cell phone can be easily taken away, how can it be called"safety buckle directly should called" easy pull buckle, okay.

Indeed otherwise, we are referring perhaps someone may lost his cell phone, but good to protect our personal safety, so as not to fall injury by the entire pulled grab force powerful inertia, or even more serious consequences . Another is wearing badges identification badges in workshop or next to machine in order to prevent something hooked plastic lanyards tie your neck tight and take the entire body to dangerous, causing heavy casualties.

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