A Vital Role in Garment Industry

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The clothing as a project, including design, production, which in various aspects of the production process, the most important aspect is the material selected, the material was divided into fabric cloth and other accessories. This other accessories we collectively call garment accessories, it is essential elements parts of the clothes in addition to the fabric exterior decoration clothing and extended garment function.

Seal tags,strictly refers to the part of hangtags on the clothing, listed by seal tags, hangtags, certificate, comprehensive coverage of corporate and clothing brand, such as the registration number of the brand, brand manufacturers, manufacturers, spokesman for the image, in addition to the spokesperson on water labels, can also have the image of the spokesperson, price, barcode warranty and refund conditions, a more comprehensive interpretation of clothing.

Trademarks, hangtags, seal tags, woven labels manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Fujian and Zhejiang, the other parts are the accessories industry. For example, our company provide goods directly to garment factory and accessories industry at all parts of the country, and clothing seal tags often have special light, woven labels have several different machines, the goods are different as well but very few suppliers all complete machine, only one supplier often can not meet the needs of customers.

Under normal circumstances, the sling and tag combination as a set, according to clothes can be devided into: casual wear, formal wear, children's clothing, suits, trousers, jackets, the set can play a very good brand highlights, corporate culture propaganda and product identification, washing instructions, in a set of high-end clothing, innovative design, theme evident seal tags both play as decorative role and play a finishing touch to the magical clothing.

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