Comments on the Printed Labels

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The printed labels has a wide range, all printed trademarks are call printed labels, it is widely used in clothing, toys, bedding, home textiles, luggage, handbags, furniture, electronic products, and other industries.

The commonly used materials of the printed labels are: the Ribbon (affordable, you can achieve the best washing effect), tape (also called the plant tape coated fabrics, with slippery surface, so easy to painting, but not as ribbons resistance washing), cotton belt (natural environmental), polyester tape (smooth fabric, goood printing effects, washable and durable).

The biggest advantage of theprinted labels is that they can print fine logo pattern, can be washed, the garment need most trademarks are main label, wash labels, content labels, size labels and so on, the second is plush toys, bed supplies, home textiles, etc. these are required to be washed in the process of using, so it should be washable durabel, the fabric labels are generally used in this kind of the industry.

Everyone need clothing, the share is very big, the market demand is far from saturated. With the development of the market continued to enlarge, garment accessories companies need to consider the actual needs of the consumer, provide comprehensive service for the development of the garment industry. Domestic apparel market is still at an immature stage, is still insufficient in fashion, personality, aesthetics, etc., is to allow garment accessories products highlight the of corporate temperament and corporate culture at the same time, taking considerations of the style and comfort, so that people really willing to wear and happy to wear.

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