Wholesale makes more profits

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Like nylon rope, the value of these things are very small, the cost is not high, the same as the value of these things like printed lanyards have not been great, if it does not depend on wholesale, then there is no profit for enterprise, the spread of the financial crisis and coupled with the rise of the network, ribbon wholesalers began to try network marketing based on the traditional selling, and gradually transformed into 'entity shop+ on-line shop' form of management. These two methods used together is a good way increase your orders.

A printed lanyard price is not expensive, it can be said is very cheap, but people's minds is, the cheaper of the printed lanyards, the more they want to bargain, if it is more expensive, they do not matter, when selling lanyards we can establish a relatively low price uniformly, this is the case, it is more easier to sell out. So our proposal is to choose more affordable price, otherwise, not very good for the development of an enterprise’s customers.

The work card is a sign of the factory, is also a method for distinguishing between each staff, a large plant at least need a thousand people, these people are not everyone can remember, in order to make clear sub-sector and clearly positions, there must need the work card, the prices are generally the middle degrees, but most people like cheap printed lanyards to hang their work card.

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