Letterpress printing

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The printing plate of sticker labels are photosensitive resin relief, this kind of printed labels have print full advantage, printing labels, but now the grade of letterpress printing equipment are varied, some are still using round flatten letterpress machines, some ordinary rotary letterpress machine, some professional hatchback, satellite or unit type sticker printing presses, and so can not be generalized in transition. Professional based on the letterpress machine, mainly have the ability of printing film labels but need to contact the vendor to replace some parts, such as to increase tension control of servo motor control system, the creation of the film surface processing unit, a number of high-grade machine can also increase the precision-alignment.

As a commitment to sticker labels manufacturers in the years of production practice, we have accumulated rich experience in production technology, excellent product quality, and superior performance and full supply. Many customers give us positive feedback for our superb state-of-the-art production technology, reasonable price and thoughtful service. Here we briefly explain the letterpress way of sticker labels:
Above is the information about the letterpress printing of sticker labels, and I hope to be able to provide some helpful information for you. Our company is ready to provide technical services in line with what you are looking for products and attentive professional, we will solve all the issues with our enthusiastic attitude, make you have no worries.

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