You will sparkle soon or later

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After 2000 year, the international big-name increasingly being sought by high-end consumers, domestic brands are emulating, men' s belts on belt hangers prices soared to 500 Yuan, less than 500 Yuan can not afford a very good quality belt, Dunhill will be about three or four thousand Yuan. Increasingly contradiction become more and more obvious between the high-priced men belt with the needs of the public, the network has also played a role in this area, a lot of people start a business of the belt through the network, but some businesses are still dominated belt higher profits, enough quality belts are between 300 - 500 Yuan. There are a lot of belts emerged on the network only hundred Yuan or less, although the price is acceptable, the picture is also quite beautiful, even feel good belt in one’s hand, but only can be remained for two or three months, some had cracks and even fracture, because these basically are not leather, all faux leather.
The Men’s belts price is also rising with the expansion of its own value. Before 80 years ago, the belts hangers have not much changes as the straps that hold up the pants, the price is only according to the material, man-made fibers probably a few dollars, a cowhide probably more than 2 dollars to ten dollars a belt. Later, the emergence of brand belts brought them on a new level, such as Gold lion, between the 1980s and 1990s a lot of people were proud of wearing a Gold lion automatic buckle belt. Belts price climbed to more than 10 dollars, or even to the 80 dollars.
In the past, many men need the belts to keep their pants on, did not care about whether it is beautiful, fashion, personality. But situation are different now, men are increasingly inseparable from the belts. And the belts on belt hangers become several of new models and styles, not as conservative as before.

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