Surrounded by decreasing economy

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Asian ethylene market Friday closing quotes were mixed, within a week, two foundation to discuss the trend runs counter to the intention of buying orders, due to lower demand is low, light, Southeast Asian ethylene closing up. The tight spot Southeast Asia, buying is difficult to seek to available goods, prices rose significantly. Demand was weaker than in Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia business offer, but because the downstream polyethylene market downturn, buying in no hurry to buy. Spot market, container plastic seals prices have rocketed, businesses do not want low-cost shipping, but downstream bid high conflict, were part of the market is no market price, the overall trading more stalemate.
But the slow recovery of domestic demand, port inventories remain high, the suppression of the price rise, but the plastic seals sheeting consumer upcoming season, the film gradually raise the operating rate, demand is expected to significantly improve. The container seals strong price rise, the price of the center of gravity or continue to move up. Even the container seals market outlook is expected to be strong rise.
The container plastic seals early held Monday in the disk of the Asian market in the near-month high, oil supply worries overshadowed by fears of a global economic slowdown, the former attributed to heightened tensions surrounding Iran's nuclear program, the latter by the impact of the European debt crisis. Spot market rose slightly, the general atmosphere of the market turnover; the downstream enterprises gradually expand the operating rate to maintain demand procurement sidelines concentrated. Upstream ethylene price gains to stabilize supply prices by the cost of supporting a hike. Middle East geopolitical threats seal container supply, container seals contract approaching. Above the moving average of the main contract within a narrow range, volume reduced demand season approaches, import prices.

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