Offset printing modes of sticker labels

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Here I will introduce you some offset printing modes of sticker labels: offset is main way for our sticker labels. The characteristics of offset is that fine graphics, rich layers, suitable for high-volume printing, and printing equipment machine suitable for multi-use, all of these factors are suitable for the Chinese label market. Sheeted offset is not suitable for the printing surface that is not absorbent film, because the film labels are multi-roll-to-roll printing, so need volatile dry ink. Offset printing can print thick plastic material, such as in-mold labels, label hangtags, but must be installed with the machine curing device, that will need a small fortune cost.
Above is the information about the sticker labels printing, offset printing, and hope to be able to provide some helpful information to you. Our company is ready to provide technical services in line with what you are looking for products and attentive professional, we will solve all the issues with our enthusiastic attitude, make you have no worries.
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