Something you should know about printed lanyards

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Printed lanyards show up in a variety of different materials which looks luxurious color and lifelike. Use the original color of the ribbon to show the noble and temperament. With unique craftsmanship, product design is stylish, bright and beautiful, strong cultural flavor. It’s the best choice for home decorations, office, travel, promotional gifts, festive decorations etc.
1. Steel buckles dressing is too big or too small to cause the printed lanyard size problems.
2. There are yarns in weft. Below provide you with more precautions:
3. Steel buckle dress should not too big or too small, re-wear, not just for forcibly production.
4. Tighten the fixed weft wheel. Often loose outside spring, the inside yarn hair can come out.
5. Loose of weft wheel during operation.
6. to measure the width of the printed lanyards regularly, immediately transfer over when found unqualified.
7. Uneven thickness of raw material, make some small and some big.
The printed lanyards has a special charm, it can make people beautiful and confident, can attract the focus wherever you go, but also give us the feeling of happiness and satisfaction, ribbon - it allows us to show off our beauty and self-confidence. Then what are the reasons that cause the size problems of printed lanyards?

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