Keeping in good repair of your luxury belt hanger

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Maybe you will not always have access to one or two high-end belts on belt hangers, and some people have many belts, but not every one will be frequently used, pay attention to certain precautions in storage: first, the belts’ surface must be clean, and its better to lubricate some oil on the belts; Cabinet used for storage must have ventilation function, the belt should be placed on the cotton dust bag, also hold avoid being compression deformation; do not use mothballs.
Usually pay attention to the high-end belts on belt hangers, avoid them from being scratched, touch sewage invasion, flooding, rain and so on , this is the first step for keeping the belts for a long time. We have to do some decontamination, cleaning and maintenance regularly of high-grade belts to keep the belts surface neat and clean, so as to maintain the belt lasting gloss; in addition to simple cleaning, you need to use professional care products to do some deeper nourishment protection; it is necessary to follow the direction of the belt texture rub in the wiping process. If the belts have holes, cracks and other phenomena, must be sent to a professional leather maintenance shop; belt needs maintenance, belt buckle also need maintenance, you can wipe them with a little toothpaste to play oxidation role, preventing them from rusting.
The new and luxury belts on belt hangers, wallets, shoes, and some high-end leather goods without a good maintenance and care;, even if it is a high-quality leather, use a long time will inevitably appear frosted, worn and such other phenomena . Now I will tell you how to care for these high-end belts.

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