Do Not Let Fashion Become Private

Release time:2013-04-08      Source:admin      Reads:
The fashion industry with its unique product supply, marketing tools, business model to create a special scene for us that can not see in other industries, while this industry become too personal because these factors. The fashion show the world who we are and the way we want to show, but it is only a kind of fashion. Unlike barcode labels that give you a clear price tag.

In this industry, designers through guessing consumer preferences, privacy ideas to get the success. While when T stage of the model is too thin, the price is too expensive , consumers began to complain, in the end, this the industry is full of private emotions, lost the fairness.

The designers hope to promote the brand by designing the clothes ofr stars, enhance the visibility, when a star wearing a particular designed clothes on the red carpet, what  she represents is not herself, as if carrying with the ups and downs of a brand.

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