Little Reform of The Mmen's Belt

Release time:2013-04-08      Source:admin      Reads:
Ultra slim belt, bow-line, decorated in the hip belt is one of the men’s few several important accessories, men are more concerned about the texture and price. Unfortunately, in this regard, while ignoring their style and fashion, for a long time the belts on belt hangers has been always in the field of classical beat about the bush, especially business suits. However, on the call of the wind of women this fall, business belts finally launched a bold neutral design, d-Chain oval gun copper belt buckle by two identical "D"-shaped iron gray buckles and a silver palladium composed buckles, very eye-catching and chic, a source of inspiration was actually from Edward VII era of driving goggles;black multislice and lacquer surface with elegant luxury of Party Ms. temperament; while RibbonStripe ribbon stripes leisure section belt are more reflecting the fashion and personality street girls.
If the belts on the belt hangers is just a little reform, so like women's belts of super fine men's belt, that’s is the breakthrough revolution of men’s accessories. The most astounding is that this slender belt will play hundred percent role when they are on the waist, from the decorative role in the hips, but also can be tied into a bow style, simply complete
synchronization with female accessories in this season.
The male guidance: general men may think this is over the top, in fact, beautiful trick of such a belt hangers on the female style is to mix the traditional trench coat, trousers, classic and low-key style, out of the bit delicate belt-line become an ornament to attract eyeballs.

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