How to Choose Woven Labels That Can Fit the Product

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Apparel industry choosing woven labels is a very important thing, and is more difficult to decide, do not underestimate the little one, is is the face of a business, it is the image of a business in the heart of consumers, if handling improper, will have a butterfly effect.

Choice woven labels first beginning from the selection of textile materials. Woven labels should choose the high grade material, but also have to consider the price, if the cost is too high and at the end consumers pay it, the final effect is that a few people will buy, so you choose the high quality but reasonable price material.

In the selection of woven labels should also pay attention other points, like a good printing effect, washable as well as dry cleaning, in a variety of dry cleaning materials that can be maintained for a long time is the best, otherwise if you select the woven labels easy to fade, after the customers washed it will become into a white woven labels without any color, the usefulness of the woven labels are lost.
More, you should also pay attention to weaving woven labels, as well as selected plane woven labels and satin woven labels, satin quality is good but the color pattern is not so clear as plane, which requires clothing manufacturers should be carefully weighed the advantages and disadvantages when choosing their own woven labels.Selecting good woven labels, like good advertising to their own enterprise.

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