Metal Labels: A Constant Reminder of Supplier of the Goods

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Many companies simply view a label as an identification device without realizing the impact a well made, colorful and informative label can make. Often a metal label can be an effective “silent salesperson” simply because it is always visible and a constant reminder of the supplier of the goods. Sinicline’s metal labels are printed with any image, colors or typestyle on the four base metal colors of gold, silver, bronze or white. They can include any image, technical details and line drawings.

Check out some of the designs and colors featured in the metal label photo gallery and consider the possibilities for your own labels; they don’t have to be simply the traditional black on silver. Metal labels are also a perfect vehicle for car rally plates, sales messages, logos and slogans, insignia, coats-of-arms, motivational statements and almost any other graphical statement you wish to make.

We manufacture and supply all our metal labels in worldwide but we can offer on time and sensible delivery schedules; usually only ten working days from artwork. Even so, in an emergency we can, and often do, improve on this but without an exorbitant "crisis" charge required by some suppliers. If we can rally round and help you in an urgent situation; we will because that's how we like to conduct our business; and it is the way we have operated since 2003.

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