Washable printed labels

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Printed Labels are used for tight registration and high resolution. Also, washability is much better than traditional hot stamp printed label fabrication. Flexographic printing is done with plastic or metal presses that have thousands of tiny ink wells in them that release exactly the right amount of ink to make your images come out exactly like you asked for them. The presses use 3D relief replicas of your image to create the most accurate representation.

Inks used in printed labels are created in highly complicated processes by experts in ink technology. We buy only the best inks for our printed labels. If you are concerned about the impact of your inks on the environment, you should check out our green labels. Make sure you send Pantone colorways if exact color match is desired. Our printed labels can be applied in sever environment like high humidity and high temperature.

The price of printed labels from us are also competitive compared with other manufacturers. We accept small orders but we will consider whether the small orders are deserved to operating the machines to cover the production cost. We also accept the customized orders . namely, you can offer the size, colors ,designs, the types of materials which are appropriate to your garments products to our company. We will arrange special designers to lay out the excellent patterns to you.

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