Garments woven labels

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Woven labels are intended to brand your apparel or crafts, being a supplement to them, rather than the first thing you see. With this in mind, choose an appropriate relative size for your labels- visible on your garment, but not overwhelming. The most popular woven label size is 1.5 inches; however you can request your labels at anywhere from half an inch from eight inches over all.

The more simpler and thicker your text is , the better it will weave onto your woven labels. Block fonts in capital letters such as sinicline can be as small as 8pts in a standard word processing programs . fancier fonts as well as black fonts in lower case such as serif and script, should not be below 10pts. The less detail you try to pack into a small label, the better your results will be.

Woven labels are mostly common used on clothing and apparel for branding and identification purposes; the labels location on the garment with the labels fold determine whether a sewing margin is needed. Before we produce your woven labels we will take your thought into consideration.

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