Hot Seal Tags for Clothing

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Apart from hangtags, printed labels, there is another garment accessory attaching great importance to garments, namely, seal tag. Seal tags look like normal strings; however, they carry relevant information related to garments, such as logo, brand, trademark, etc. As a matter of fact, they are popular and widely applied in garment industries. You can not miss these gorgeous accessories.

Seal tags are attached to garments, shoes, bags, hats and jeans that enhance the corporate image and give a deep impression on customers. In order to fit into specific garments, they are available in a variety of sizes, colors, designs and patterns. Often we suggest two colors be printed on seal tags to make them aesthetic. There are two materials that can be selected to manufacture seal tags, namely, plastic and aluminum. Based on human-oriented principle, we provide those tags made of specific materials as per the requirement of customers.

Our seal tags are made of premium quality materials procured from trusted vendors with the help of advanced machine and sophisticated techniques like cream, injection molding, hot stamping logo, crystal epoxy and so on. Among them, crystal epoxy makes tags more delicate, but you will pay extra fees if you select this technique. Seal tags are packaged in standard cartons or customized due to the practical conditions and delivered in prompt time without delay.

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