Widely Used Fabric Labels

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Brand, logo, size and place of origin can often be found on fabric labels. Fabric labels sewed on clothing not only show the relevant information, but also raise the brand awareness. Therefore, they are widely used for garments, shoes, cases, etc. Fabric labels are available in various sizes, colors, materials, patterns and designs according to clients’ requirements to fit into garments. Sinicline is a human-oriented manufacturer that surely offers marvelous desirable fabric labels to clients.

There are a great many materials that can be selected, such as satin, taffeta, damask and so on. Depending on unique features of materials, proper techniques should be used for manufacturing fabric labels. Fabric labels can be applied as main, brand, washing and care labels to inform customers how to treat garments in a right way.

The perfect affordable finishing touch to your clothing products is our customized fabric labels that are professionally used by many large garment manufacturers, designers, and crafters who rely on our professional services. Our fabric labels are the ultimate finishing touch! We have a very low minimum order quantities and offer free samples of our work available to be sent to you.

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