Durable PVC Labels for Industrial and Recreational Products

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What distinguishes PVC labels from all other types is the durability of the material, the vibrant color choices and, the resistance to all common cleaning products and petroleum products and solvents, which guarantees excellent abrasion resistance and tear strength. These qualities make our product the best choice to use for industrial and recreational products. Whether your use is for product identification, caution or warning information, user instructions or a colorful logo or brand name, our PVC labels are the best way to put a durable message on your products.

Soft PVC labels are great to create unique 2D and 3D Designs as per the requirement of clients. Our labels can be attached by sewing, heat seal adhesives that are easy to use peel and stick adhesives or by using your own adhesives. PVC labels can be made to your specifications based on our ability to accurately translate your design, logo or idea into the medium of PVC modeling for translation to our computer controlled CNC Mold Cutting machines.

As a leading industrial manufacturer of PVC labels, we provide clients the high quality PVC labels in a variety of colors, sizes, designs and shapes. Materials are all procured from our most trusted vendors to ensure labels’ quality. Here you can find the most competitive price in Sinicline.

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