Variable PVC Labels for Application

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There exists another material of labels that are applied for garment industrials--- PVC label. The difference between PVC labels and other clothing labels lies in that PVC labels are 3D and more variable that can be manufactured in exclusive design without limits. Using PVC labels and patches can enhance the look of your products and add a new dimension in the look and feel.

Actually PVC labels are widely used in a great many use, such as garments, clothing, sportswear, etc. made by mold, embossed logo, sewing space and other techniques, PVC labels are available in a number of designs that can cater to customers’ needs. With wide and industrial experience and knowledge of skilled trained professionals, our PVC labels attached to products will surely help in image enhancement of the brand and gain well reputation.

Our PVC labels are all customized of bespoke shapes as per customer’s specifications. Sinicline’s products put a durable message for customers. At Sinicline, you will find the most competitive price of PVC labels. In addition, sufficient lead time will be left for manufacturing those labels and products will be delivered by proper shipment for your convenience.

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