The woven lanyards

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Our most popular product——Polyester Imprinted Lanyards are made from a quality, durable polyester material. Polyester material has a certain sheen to that gives you a quality product with a professionally finished appearance. Single or multiple color imprinting is silk-screened on top of the lanyard with respect to your custom lanyard design.

Images and text on Imprinted Lanyards are guaranteed not to rub off with use. Polyester Imprinted Lanyards are stylish, affordable and sure to be a huge hit at your trade show, seminar, or club outing. The variety of applications available to Polyester Imprinted lanyards is endless!

Our company sinicline also manufacturer Woven Polyester Lanyards which are manufactured from strong, high-quality polyester material that will represent your company or organization extremely well. With a textured feel and the ability to “stitch” your text or logo into the lanyard, Woven Polyester Lanyards offer a custom look for a variety of applications.

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