Customized Woven Labels Fit for Purpose

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Used for brand identification or product decoration, woven labels are an excellent way to emphasize product quality and create elevated product differentiation. In addition, they are sewed on clothing as main, brand, care labels, informing customers to treat those garments in a right way. Nowadays woven labels play an essential role in garment industries.

Sinicline creates clothing woven labels to specification for a large number of leading retailers and brands. We also produce individual woven label collections that are created for you as a total marketing solution. Our woven labels can be designed in a variety of colors, sizes, designs and patterns according to customer’s requirements. Based on expertise and capability, desirable labels will be offered to meet your demands.

Our designers stay abreast of leading global fashion trends and create portfolios of brand solutions that will keep any product range updated to appeal to consumers. Our woven labels are always in fashion and stand out from the rest. If you need help with your design, we can do that to meet your precise requirements in terms of the effect you want to achieve as well as ensuring that your products are fit for purpose.

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